Born in the North West but settled in the North East, Nancy Isherwood started making bottle top paintings as a way to entertain herself without wasting materials.

Spending long, late nights in her now-husband's studio, Nancy poked around to find something she could use as a canvas; something inexpensive, that she could take without interruption, that didn't need wall space and could be tucked away easily.


Bottle tops! There were always plenty of those lying around! 

First there was Ophelia, painted from memory, with the smallest brush she could find in the studio. Over time the collection grew, caps were saved from special events and the bottle tops started taking up more space in the studio.

Combining an obsession with miniatures, pushing value in the mundane and discarded, with a good humoured wink at art-world sensibilities Nancy's bottle tops continue to quietly amuse.


She is also a dab-hand at corsetry, makes peculiar, themed accessories from tiny paper flowers and enjoys working in a range of new and familiar media.

Nancy J Isherwood
Bottle Tops
Bottle tops in the studio
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B&D Studios Exhibition
'Room For A Little One' Exhibition, B&D Studios
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Rembrandt Scale
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The Manchester Contemporary.
The Manchester Contemporary 2018 with Vane Gallery
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All images © Nancy J Isherwood 2017

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